Apple Announces Siri, Kaleidoscope, and Disney Watch Faces in watchOS 4

Apple announced three new types of Apple Watch faces as part of
WatchOS 4 during its keynote at the Worldwide Developers
on Monday in San Jose, California.

A new Siri
watch face powered by machine learning and “Siri intelligence”
comes with a top left complication that allows the wearer to
receive dynamically updating notifications from a range of
Apple apps and services, like Apple Home, Calendar, and
Weather. The watch face offers “proactive assistance” depending
on your schedule and the time of day, according to Apple, and
users can rotate the Crown for more details.

The second new watch face in WatchOS 4 is a “trippy” animating
kaleidoscopic face that plays on photos in a user’s photo album
to generate visuals when the user rotates the crown.

The last new watch face is actually a set of three Disney
inspired ones to supplement the existing characters. Woody,
Jessy, and Buzz from Toy Story are included, and all have
animating vignettes when interacted with.