Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Accessibility With Three Accessibility Activists

In honor of Global Accessibility
Awareness Day
, which takes place tomorrow, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down
with three YouTubers
to discuss the Accessibility features
built into Apple’s iOS and Mac devices.

Each of the three YouTubers, who met Cook at Apple’s campus for
coffee, have shared their conversations with the CEO on their
respective YouTube channels. All three, including legally blind
filmmaker James
, deaf advocate and vlogger Rikki Poynter, and
actress Tatiana
, who was born with Spina Bifida, talked about the Apple
products that they use in their daily lives. The three
interviews can be watched below.

During his meeting with Poynter, Cook explained Apple’s stance on
accessibility and why the company goes to great lengths to make
sure its devices are available to everyone.

Apple is founded on giving people power to create things, to do
things that they couldn’t do without those tools. And we’ve
always viewed accessibility as a human right. And so just like
human rights are for everyone, we want our products to be
accessible for everyone. And so it’s a basic core value of
Apple. We don’t make products for a particular group of people.
We make products for everybody.

We feel very strongly that everyone deserves an equal
opportunity and equal access. So we don’t look at this thing
from a return on investment point of view — I’ve been asked
that before. The answer is no, I’ve never looked at that. We
don’t care about that.

In addition to Cook’s meetings, Apple also
recently published
a series of “Designed for” accessibility
videos, highlighting the different ways Apple’s Accessibility
features are used to make Apple devices available to everyone,
and there’s currently an Accessibility feature in the App Store promoting
Accessibility apps.

Since October, Apple has had a detailed Accessibility website
that demonstrates and promotes the extensive Accessibility
options built into Apple products.

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