Apple Expands Beta Program, Will Allow Public Beta Testers to Test tvOS 11

Apple today updated its Apple Beta Software
website to announce that iOS 11, macOS High Sierra,
and tvOS 11 public betas will be available for public beta
testers in the near future.

Apple has offered macOS and iOS public betas for several years
now, giving non-developers a chance to try out new software
features ahead of a public launch while also providing Apple
with extra feedback, but tvOS is a new addition.

For the first time, with tvOS 11, Apple plans to allow
non-developers to install the beta software. To download the
tvOS 11 beta, public beta testers will need to connect an Apple
TV to a computer running iTunes using a USB-C cable. The tvOS
software is then installed on the Apple TV using iTunes, with
subsequent updates available over-the-air.

The tricky installation requirements are likely the reason why
previous tvOS betas haven’t been made available publicly.

It’s not entirely clear when the tvOS beta will be made
available to public beta testers, but during the keynote, Apple
said iOS and macOS High Sierra would be available for public
testers in late June, so that’s presumably when the new public
tvOS 11 beta will also be available.

As for features, Apple has not yet detailed what’s new in tvOS
11 and it received little coverage during the keynote event
aside from the mention of a new Amazon Prime Video app that’s
coming to the Apple TV later this year.

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