Apple Leaks New Apple Watch Sizes Coming in 40mm and 44mm

Apple is facing a series of leaks in the hours ahead of its
“Gather Round” event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, and
this time information about the new version of Apple Watch has
been revealed. According to
, Apple udpated its sitemap files ahead
of the event, which included links to Apple Watch in new 40mm and
44mm sizes.

These are believed to be the new Apple Watch models about to be
announced later today, although they don’t carry a “Series 4”
designation in the sitemap and are simply called “Apple Watch.”
The sizes include both GPS and GPS + Cellular configurations,
and include the colors Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.

In 40mm, there’s also a few Nike and Hermès options. Hermès
includes an Indigo Craie Orange Double Tour band with a
Stainless Steel case, and Nike has Pure Platinum Black Sport
Band, Summit White Sport Loop, Anthracite Black Sport Band, and
Black Sport Loop paired with various aluminum cases.

These new sizes appear to be upgrades from the previous
generation of case sizes, with Apple increasing the cases from
38mm to 40mm for the small size and from 42mm to 44mm for the
large size. Apple measures these cases vertically. In terms of
width, the current 38mm Apple Watch is 33.3mm wide and the 42mm
Apple Watch is 35.9mm wide.

The 40mm and 44mm sizes roughly align with a prediction made by
analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
in July
, who stated Apple would reveal two models measuring
in at around 39.9mm and 45.2mm.

The upcoming Apple Watch’s big new feature will be a display
that’s 15 percent larger, thanks to reduced bezels and likely
the slightly increased case size. In
a leak
a few weeks back, we got a glimpse at a new watch
face for Apple Watch, including one that had space for as many
as eight complications.

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