Apple Ordered to Retract Part of Press Release in Ongoing Qualcomm Battle

Apple has been ordered to stop using a part of a recent press
release that claimed the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 would still be
available in Germany through carriers and resellers, reports


Apple released the statement following a
preliminary injunction
in December that prevented the
company from selling older iPhones in Germany. Apple at the
time said that while it would stop selling the devices at its
own retail stores, they would remain available via other means.

Qualcomm yesterday got another preliminary injunction to stop
Apple from using that statement because it was “misleading.”
The court’s ruling, said Qualcomm, also required Apple to stop
offering the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 via resellers, too, and the
court agreed.

“The press release is misleading because it contains statements
that are at least potentially deceptive about the availability
of the goods,” the judges wrote. “The statement conveys the
impression of unlimited availability.”

Apple has not been selling iPhone 7 and iPhone 8
models in its retail stores or online in Germany
since January
and prior to the order about the press release,
was also ordered to pull iPhones from partner stores. Some German
resellers have continued to sell the devices, however.

Apple’s newest iPhones, the XR, XS, and XS Max are not affected
by the sales and import ban and continue to be available in the

Qualcomm also won a preliminary injunction against the iPhone 7
and iPhone 8 in China, but Apple was able to skirt the ruling

via a software update
patented content.

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