Apple Shares New iPhone 7 Photography Tutorial Videos

Earlier this month, Apple
a new “How to Shoot on iPhone 7website
and video series featuring short tutorials designed to help users
take advantage of the camera features built into the iPhone 7 and
the iPhone 7 Plus.

As of yesterday, four new tutorial videos have been added to the
, including how to shoot a horizon, how to capture an
intimate moment, how to convert to black and white, and how to
shoot with zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus. All four can be watched
on Apple’s tutorial site, but the latter two are also available
on YouTube.

Apple has 20 tutorial videos on its “How to Shoot on iPhone 7”
website, and the company is slowly uploading each of the videos
to YouTube. 13 of the 20 videos can be watched on Apple’s YouTube
. New YouTube additions include how to shoot a
one-handed selfie and how to edit a selfie, two videos previously
exclusively available on the tutorial site.

Apple’s videos are designed to teach iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users
how to use the iPhone camera to capture various kinds of photos,
including panoramas, portraits, action shots, night shots, and
more. Each of the videos is approximately 40 seconds in length
and includes a clear step-by-step tutorial on how to use each

Most of the videos are simple and straightforward, designed for
people who don’t often use the camera and haven’t invested a
lot of time in learning its features, but there are some neat
tips and tricks that even more advanced users might find
useful, like capturing a unique angle, shooting with a street
light, capturing stills while filming, and more.

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