Apple to Present Plaque to Korean Police for Cracking Down on Sale of Fake Accessories

Apple will express its gratitude to Korean police for seizing
fake accessories worth 1 billion won ($892,000) by presenting a
plaque to officers at a local police unit, reports The Korea

As a token of thanks, Donald Shruhan, senior regional director
for Apple’s Asia-Pacific operations, will visit the Bucheon
Sosa Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, on Friday to
deliver a plaque of appreciation to investigators who arrested
local distributors of fake Apple charging cables and earphones.

The fake products are said to have come from China,
although authorities are still trying to work out how they made
it into the country. The distributors are reportedly under
investigation on suspicion of fraud and trademark violation, said
the paper’s sources.

Apple has a history of suffering from counterfeit Apple
products originating from China, with authorities breaking up

counterfeit iPhone rings
and shutting down
fake Apple Stores
in the country down the years.

In 2015, one Chinese company was even caught
selling fake versions of the then yet-to-be-released Apple
for $30 a pop at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las

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