Austrian Privacy Watchdog NOYB Accuses Apple and Others of Failing to Comply With GDPR in Europe

Austrian non-profit organization NOYB, the “European Center for Digital
Rights,” has reportedly filed a complaint against Apple and seven
other tech companies for allegedly failing to comply with

in the European Union.

NOYB said it tested each company’s compliance with GDPR by
requesting private data held about 10 users and found that “no
service fully complied.”

“Many services set up automated systems to respond to access
requests, but they often don’t even remotely provide the data
that every user has a right to,” said NOYB founder Max Schrems.
“This leads to structural violations of users’ rights, as these
systems are built to withhold the relevant information.”

Other companies named in the complaint include Amazon, Netflix,
Spotify, YouTube, and three more, according to

GDPR was implemented in May 2018 and gives European Union
residents the right to access any personal data a company has
stored on them. The regulation led Apple to
launch a Data and Privacy portal
that allows its customers
to download a copy of any data associated with their Apple ID
account that Apple maintains.

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