CES 2019: Gardena Smart System Now Works With Apple HomeKit

The Gardena
Smart System
is gaining support
for Apple’s HomeKit
, with HomeKit integration coming to
Gardena devices like the Smart Water Control, Smart Irrigation
Control, Smart Sensor, and Smart Power.

Gardena accessories are gaining HomeKit compatibility through a
software update, allowing existing Gardena Smart System owners
to upgrade their systems to work with the Apple Home app and
Siri voice commands.

Gardena’s Smart System consists
of a range of products
, including watering sets for various
areas like hedges and bushes or balconies, irrigation controls
for controlling multiple irrigation zones, a control set for
managing water usage, a water controller for automatic
irrigation, sensors for measuring soil moisture and other
parameters, and a smart power adapter.

The Gardena devices, available since 2016, are designed to
allow gardeners to precisely monitor everything that goes on in
their homes while also automating care in many ways. All of the
devices have been able to be controlled via the Gardena app,
but HomeKit offers more versatility and allows for integration
with other HomeKit devices like outdoor lights, sensors, and

HomeKit compatibility will be added by the end of the first
quarter of 2019.

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