Cultured Code Announces ‘Things 3’ Task Manager for Mac, iOS, and Apple Watch

Cultured Code today officially released an all-new version of
Things, the personal task
manager software for Mac, iOS, and Apple Watch.

Things 3 brings an overhauled user interface and multiple new
features to the to-do apps, which continue to use Things Cloud
to seamlessly sync across devices.

First up is the new design, offering a stripped-down look that
aims to integrate the old features with the new, and put user
content front and center. For example, to-dos are adaptive to
their content, and can look like straight text on a piece of
paper, or include additional details like tags, checklists, a
start date, or a deadline. These fields also respond to a range
of gestures (drag and drop, swipe, tap to expand, mark
complete) to make organization easier.

Other refinements include the ability to search across the
entire app by pulling down inside any list to trigger Quick
Find, which offers immediate access to to-dos, lists, tags, and
more. There’s also a progress indicator for projects,
indicating their status at a glance.

The Today and Upcoming screens have been re-imagined, and now
display both calendar events and to-dos together, with events
for the day shown in a timeline at the top. Every day at
midnight, the next day’s to-dos appear at the top of the Today
list. There’s also a new section called “This Evening” to make
it easier to structure your day.

Things 3 also introduces headings, which can be used to break
up milestones in projects and make them easier to grasp.
Another new structural tool are checklists within individual
to-dos, making it possible to break down tasks even further.

In addition, Things 3 features a new way to create to-dos
called the Magic Plus Button. The button lives in the corner of
the screen and can be either tapped or dragged up to a
particular list to generate the to-do in a specific location.
The button also be used to quickly create and place headings in
new projects.

Elsewhere, the iOS app now offers multiple item selection and
easier list editing interactions, while the macOS version
features a Slim Mode for better focus and the ability to open
multiple windows with drag-and-drop support between them.
Time-based reminders have also been added to the task manager,
offering instant sync between devices. And a new feature called
Type Travel enables fast navigation to any project, area, or
to-do in the app.

Finally, the all-new Things brings an updated Apple Watch app,
Wunderlist/OmniFocus import, a new structure for Areas, and
Touch Bar support on MacBook

The apps will be available in the App Store as
one-time purchases for
Mac ($49.99)
, iPad
($19.99), and
iPhone/Watch ($9.99)
. They are a paid update for existing
customers, who can take advantage of a 20% discount on all apps
during launch week (offer ends on May 25). A 14-day trial of
Things for Mac is available on the Cultured Code website.

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