‘Eggggg – The Platform Puker’ Available for Free as Apple’s App of the Week

Platform game
Eggggg – The Platform Puker
has been named Apple’s App of the
Week, and as a result, it is free to download for the first time
since it was released in October.

Described as a two-touch platform game about vomit, Eggggg
features a main character, Gilbert, who has a severe allergy to
eggs. Eating eggs makes Gilbert vomit, and the vomit mechanic
is used to propel Gilbert through 21 levels infested with angry
cyborg chickens and other obstacles to overcome.

The game features smooth controls designed for mobile devices,
and it comes with a sticker pack that can be used in the Messages
app. From Apple’s App Store

With Free App of the Week, we highlight a great app you can
enjoy at no charge this week. (In-App Purchases sold
separately). A severe allergy to eggs isn’t funny — unless it
hatches a fantastic voyage through a world full of golden
nuggets, homicidal chickens, and puke. So. Much. Puke. The
controls in this bizarrely clever platformer are spot on, but
sometimes we’re giggling so hard at our barf-propelled hero
that we slip up and die laughing. It truly is an Eggggg-cellent

Eggggg –
The Platform Puker
will be available for free from the App
Store for the next seven days. [Direct

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