Facebook Messenger Redesign Makes it Easier to Navigate, Find Online Friends, and Play Games

Facebook today
a new redesign coming to its standalone Facebook
Messenger app for iOS and Android, with subtle UI changes that
emphasize new features like games, while making it easier to see
which friends are online and what notifications have been missed

The main UI addition is the introduction of three new tabs atop
the app for messages, active friends, and groups, which
Facebook believes is a way to ensure that Messenger is “your
hub for connecting with all the people and businesses you care

The company also hopes that the more prominent positioning of
active friends encourages Messenger users to interact with
people in real time more often, since it’s easier to scroll
through a list of online friends than before. The app now
stretches to encompass the iOS toolbar at the top of the
screen, instead of stopping below the bar as before.

Facebook Messenger’s previous design (left) compared to its
upcoming design (right)

These changes are designed to make Messenger simpler for you –
to help you get to your contacts quickly, jump into your
conversations where you left off, start new chats, and stay up
to date.

The tabs at the bottom of the iOS app now have
descriptions as well, including Home, Calls, People, and Games,
the last of which is another new addition to Facebook Messenger.
Games within the app
launched earlier this month
, allowing users to play a variety
of single-player and turn-based games directly within the app,
similar to a few gaming apps on the iOS Messages App Store.

One aspect of Facebook Messenger that’s been decreased is its
camera button, which used to expand above the dock at the
bottom of the app but now sits flush and aligned with the rest
of the tabs. Although the button now has less of an emphasis,
Facebook Messenger’s Snapchat clone,
Messenger Day
, is remaining within the app, and all of the
camera’s filters and masks will still be available to use. A
Discover tab will be added as the app rolls out, in order to
connect users with businesses, places, and services.

Facebook is also adding in iOS-like red dot badges for each new
tab in Messenger, so whenever users log into the app and have a
missed message or call, a badge will appear on the
corresponding tab. The social network has begun doing this in
its main app recently as well, urging users to tap on the new
“Marketplace” and “Video” tabs with the same badges.

Facebook Messenger users can expect the changes to begin
appearing on both iOS and Android this week.

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