Fortnite early access invites roll out for iOS later this week

Fortnite on iPhone
Fortnite isn’t quite ready for beta testers yet.
Photo: Epic Games

If you’re
frantically checking your email for a Fortnite
early access invite after
signing up Monday
, give up now. Epic Games confirms that
it won’t issue its first batch of download codes for iOS
until later this week. Some of us could be waiting months for

When Epic finally allowed us to register our
interest in the Fortnite Battle Royale iOS beta
Monday, it made no mention of when the first invites would
become available. Many assumed they would begin rolling out the
same day, then spent the rest of the day glued to their

That was a waste of time.

Fortnite invites
are coming this week

creative director Donald Mustard has since confirmed to

 that the studio will start issuing
invites later this week. Mustard did not disclose how many
would be available initially, but demand for early access has
been staggering.

If you
don’t get an invite from the initial wave, you could end up
waiting a while for it to arrive. Epic says it will open up
the beta to more players gradually over the coming months, so
we should prepare ourselves for a lengthy wait.

remember: When you and your friends do get an invite, it will
come with additional codes that you can pass on to others. If
you’re lucky, you could get an access code from someone else
before your invite from Epic finally arrives.

We don’t know how Fortnight beta codes will be

Epic will
need to ensure its systems can handle what will surely be
millions of new Fortnite players. Making the beta
available to everyone on the same day would be a disaster —
especially if there are game-breaking bugs in the early
versions that haven’t been ironed out yet.

We don’t
know how Epic will decide who gets an invite first. It’s
likely Fortnite streamers and YouTube creators
will be at the top of its list. It could be first come, first
served after that — or Epic could decide to make frequent
Fortnite players a priority.

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