Google Assistant lands on iPad

Google Assistant now runs on iPad, including side-by-side with Google Calendar.
Google Assistant now runs on iPad, including side-by-side
with Google Calendar.
Image: Google

wanting to try out Google’s rival to Siri can now do so on
their iPad: A version of the Google Assistant optimized for
iOS tablets just debuted.

With the press of a button, the application
will answer questions and retrieve information from the
internet, but that’s just the start.

Google Assistant can read out upcoming calendar events and
set reminders and calendar entries. In addition, it displays
turn-by-turn directions and weather forecasts when queried.
Plus, some smart home accessories can only be controlled by
Google Assistant.

is available immediately on the App Store. It’s
free to download and use. A
version for iPhone
debuted last summer, but today is the
first time this software runs well on a tablet. That includes
support for side-by-side multitasking on iPad.

Is Google
Assistant on iPad really necessary?

course, there is a great deal of overlap with Apple’s
offering, Siri. Both handle basic tasks like weather,
calendars and driving directions about equally well.

the Google software has no equivalent to “Hey Siri” on iOS
devices. Instead, users must push an on-screen button to get
Google Assistant to start listening.

smart home accessories controlled by Google Assistant also
support Apple’s HomeKit, but not all of them.

Google reaches out to iOS

Google has its own Android operating system, it typically
doesn’t slam the door on iPhone and iPad. Google released iOS
equivalents of all its top applications,
such as Chrome
, the
Google search app
 and its
FaceTime rival
. There’s even an
iMessage plugin and a Safari extension

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