iOS 11 Concept Imagines Overhauled iPad Interface With Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Apple is planning to unveil its next-generation operating system
for iOS devices, iOS 11, in less than a
month. Despite the imminent debut date of the new OS, we’ve heard
very little about what we should expect to see in the update.

Based on the fact that iOS 10 offered very
few features for the iPad, Federico Vittici
of MacStories, who uses an iPad for much of his daily
work, has
imagined an iOS 11 update wishlist
that overhauls the iPad
interface, introducing new iPad-only features that many pro
users would undoubtedly love to see.

Vittici collaborated with designer Sam Beckett to bring his iOS 11
wishlist to life, providing concrete examples of ways Apple
could redesign the iPad experience.

System-wide drag and drop functionality that would let users drag
content between apps or from one iPad split screen window to
another is at the top of Vittici’s list. Images, text, links,
documents, and more could be dragged using intuitive long press
gestures. In the example image below, text from an email is
dragged into a list in Reminders.

An imagined “Shelf” feature goes hand-in-hand with drag and
drop, giving users a place to store anything on the iPad they
want to reference at a later time. It’s similar to the desktop
on a Mac, storing items for easy access.

Viticci’s other iOS 11 wishlist items include a new Split View
app picker with a search feature and a better layout, a
Mac-style Finder app that works with iCloud Drive for a
more consistent document-finding interface, a denser home
screen, multiple audio streams, and a refreshed design with
bolder typography and more of a focus on visual feedback.

For additional images and a more detailed explanation of the
items on Vittici’s iOS 11 wishlist, make sure to check out the
full article over at

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