iPhone will grab more market share as Samsung falls in 2018

The iPhone
will gain market share as Samsung loses its grip in 2018,
according to new predictions.

Apple is one of just three companies that are
expected to see growth this year following weaker-than-expected
smartphones sales in late 2017. TrendForce expects total handset
production to grow just 2.8 percent, down from the 5 percent
previously expected.

iPhone X
didn’t kick start the upgrade super-cycle
Apple investors
were hoping for, largely thanks to its $1,000 price tag. iPhone
8 hasn’t exactly been a smash hit, either. Apple has big plans
for 2018, however, including
three new devices that all look like iPhone X

market share will grow in 2018

In addition
to a refreshed iPhone X, Apple is expected to introduce a more
affordable model with an LCD display, and a larger iPhone X
Plus with an OLED display. Analysts expect the trio to
translate into big sales for Apple, and TrendForce
is predicting similar results.

“For this
year, Apple is set to launch three new flagship models in 3Q18,
and will expand the adoption of Face ID and all-screen
technology in these new iPhones, along with upgrading their
existing functions and increasing the memory content as well,”
reads its latest report.

to TrendForce, iPhone’s annual production volume is expected to
increase by 6% because of improved specifications of new
iPhones and Apple’s expansion in Indian market.”

market share is expected to rise to 15.7 percent from 15.2
percent off the back of those new iPhones. Huawei and Xiaomi
are the only other smartphone vendors expected to see an
increase, with their shares rising to 11.6 percent and 7.1
percent, respectively.

Samsung will fall

Samsung is
expected to remain the top smartphone vendor throughout 2018,
largely thanks to its budget Galaxy A and Galaxy J series
smartphones. However, it will produce only 300 million
handsets, according to TrendForce, resulting in a 5 percent
decrease year-over-year.

Samsung’s share of the smartphone market, like that of every
other vendor except Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi, is expected to
fall in 2018. TrendForce predicts a drop from 21.9 percent to
20.3 percent.

Total smartphone production for 2018 is expected to reach just
under 1.5 billion units, up from 1.46 billion last

2018 smartphone market
The smartphone market for 2018.
Photo: TrendForce

The edge-to-edge display trend will continue throughout 2018,
TrendForce reports, as will dual camera systems that allow for
optical zoom and other fancy effects. Apple is expected to push
forward with Face ID, while Samsung will focus on iris

Other brands are expected to maintain capacitive fingerprints
sensors for the most part due to “technical barriers” with more
advanced technologies. Smartphones with fingerprint scanners
integrated into their displays aren’t expected to enter mass
production until late 2018.

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