Kevin Durant scores TV show deal with Apple

Kevin Durant
Eddy Cue is a huge fan of Kevin Durant (not pictured here)
and the Golden State Warriors.
Photo: SF Chronicle/Twitter

The life
of Kevin Durant is set to be the inspiration for Apple’s next
major TV show.

Apple has been scooping up TV
shows like crazy the last few months and the latest project
to get the iPhone maker’s thumbs up is a show that will
explore Durant’s early life along with the world of Amateur
Athletic Union (AAU) basketball the players, families and
coaches involved.

series, Swagger sounds like it will be similar to
Friday Night Lights only with basketball as the lens
to view its characters’ lives through. The show will be
produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Television,
the same producers that made Friday Night Lights a

Grazer and
Durant started talking about the TV show at Google’s annual
summer gathering of power players. According to a report from

, Durant told Grazer stories of being a 12-year-old
basketball phenom in the Baltimore area that was courted by
apparel brands for quick cash.

created a beautiful world that the Friday Night
essence could inhabit,” said Grazer. “It has the
same things. The fragility of how you were as a kid, and how
these kids — 12-13 years old — are presented with money, real
money, (from athletic apparel brands). It’s a fascinating
universe of possibilities.”

Thirty Five Media will be listed among the producers of the
series. Reggie Rock Bythewood, who wrote the Notorious BIG
biopic “Notorious” is set to write and direct.

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