Prisma Photo App Update Adds Filter Store, User-Created Filters Coming Soon

Popular photo filter app Prisma has been updated with an
in-app store for users to download additional filters for free.

The photo app uses the predictive analyses of neural network
technology to achieve its stylistic interpretations, which
typically makes them more unique than standard photo filters.

Prisma says the new store will bring even more originality to
users’ pictures, with the promise of new styles being added to
the store every week, and possibly every day further down the

Users will also be able to rate and share individual filter
styles in the near future, according to Prisma. In addition,
users can now delete filters they don’t like from the 44 styles
that come with the app.

Meanwhile, Prisma has developed a desktop app that allows users
to create their own unique styles by adjusting a series of
parameters. The company is still refining the tool, which takes
a while to process images and doesn’t yet say what each slider
control adjusts, but a preview is offered before the image is
uploaded and processed.

Currently the filter creator is
only available to the most active users, but Prisma plans on
bringing it to mobile and more users soon.

is a free download on the App Store for iPhone and
iPad. [Direct

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