PSX fave RayCrisis blasts its way into the App Store

A fun arcade blaster with a tech theme.
Photo: Taito

Nineteen years after it arrived on the first-generation PlayStation console, RayCrisis, a.k.a. the final installment in Taito’s 1990s trilogy of awesome scrolling shooters, has landed on iOS.

The first two installments of the series, RayForce and RayStorm actually arrived in the App Store waaaaay back in 2012, but RayCrisis has been mysteriously missing in action. Now, finally, it’s possible to get the whole threesome on your iOS device!

Man against machine

For those who haven’t played it, RayCrisis is a vertically scrolling shooter with a high tech theme. (This all seemed totally cutting edge back in the decade of Kurt Cobain and dial-up internet.) You play the role of a computer virus, with the enemies being the computation antibodies which are programmed to stop you breaking into the main supercomputer system.

This game in the series is actually the first chronologically, in what would later be christened a “prequel.” It’s set during the point at which the Skynet-style Neuro-Computer Con-Human supercomputer is first gaining sentience and turning against its programmers. You play the resistance.

The game comes with both the original version and a special version fine-tuned for mobile devices. In addition to iPhone and iPad, you can also play it on Apple TV.

The game will set you back $9.99, but to coincide with its launch it’ll cost you just $6.99. While those prices are a little steep, it’s definitely worth a play if you’ve got the cash — especially if you’re in the mood for a mid-week nostalgia boost!

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