This mic boom doesn’t care if you shake the room

musicians, and haters of annoying noises rejoice. Blue Designs
has come up with the Compass, a microphone boom that keeps your
mic fixed right over your desk, your computer, your countertop,
or even your ghetto ironing-board podcasting desk. Paired with
Blue’s Radius shock mount, you need never worry about mic noise
ever again.

Designs’ Compass and Radius

If you ever cobbled together a mic setup for a podcast Skype
call-in, or literally anything else that involves recording a
voice while sat at a desk, then you will have experienced two
problems: instability, and noise. The instability comes because
you cheaped out, and are trying to work with your mic
gaffer-taped to a camera tripod, or to the side of your iMac.
And the noise is an indirect results of this: Every time you
tap your keyboard, knock your desk, or just move wrong, the
sound is transmitted through your makeshift stand and into the

Boom, shake the room.
Boom, shake the room.
Photo: Blue Designs

solutions to these problems are a) a proper stand and b) a
shock mount to isolate the mic from pesky vibrations. Thus,
your new boom will remove the BOOM from your recordings.

I like the
new Compass
because it looks dead simple, and the price is good, as these
things go. It’s an aluminum Anglepoise-style arm that clamps
onto your desk at one end, and offers a standard screw mount at
the other. It has a channel for hiding the mic cable, and can
be rotated and twisted into just the right spot.

Shock jock

The Radius
 shock mount screws  to the end of the Compass
and isolates your mic from vibration. It does this by suspending
the mic in the smaller of two circles, which are connected to
each other using stretchy cord, kind of like how a trampoline is
stretched in its frame.

The result
is a stand that lets you suspend a mic anywhere you need it,
and which stops any bumps from getting to the the listener. If
you only do the odd podcast, or you’re happy with the mic in
your headphones, then you probably haven’t read this far
anyway. But if you’re a little more serious, then this setup is
not only functional, it looks great, and the price is quite
good, at around $150 for the pair.

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