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Noteworthy News

This week started off strong with some (very) early news on
Monday morning surrounding rumors that
Nintendo is planning a Zelda game for mobile
. Both
Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes have
been incredibly popular, and with an Animal Crossing
game on the way, it makes sense that Nintendo would continue to
slowly bring their franchises to mobile.

This upcoming Zelda game will undoubtedly be free to
play, and the internet seems to be split between thinking it
will have a one-time unlock like Super Mario Run or
whether it’ll have endless spending potential through
randomized draws like Fire Emblem Heroes. Analysts
speculate Fire Emblem Heroes has made significantly
more than Super Mario Run, so if Nintendo is following
the money, the question of mobile Zelda payment models
may already be settled. Regardless, it’s possible more news
surrounding iOS Zelda will be revealed at E3 which
kicks off on June 14th.

Another big upcoming release to look forward to is
Ubisoft’s Rocksmith which has soft launched in
. (It is common practice to release big games in
limited regions, like Canada, before launching worldwide. This is
known as a “soft launch.”) Rocksmith was first released
on the XBOX 360 back in October 2011, and differed significantly
from the explosion of other music and rhythm games at the time.

Unlike Guitar Hero or Rock Band which had you
fiddling around with plastic instruments consisting of paddles,
buttons, and pedals, Rocksmith had you plug in a
real electric guitar and the game actually taught you
how to play it – claiming to be able to do it in 60 days. The
upcoming iOS version supports both electric guitars through
various adapters as well as acoustic guitars using your iOS
device’s microphone. Better yet, it’s totally free to download
and try with (as of this writing) four songs included for free
with more available via IAP. New “professionally curated and
transcribed” songs will be available every week.

In other soft launch news, a brand new The Sims game
The Sims Mobile soft launched in Brazil
. There’s
been a Sims game on the App Store for a few
years now titled The Sims Freeplay, which is a
significantly trimmed down version of The Sims on the
PC. The new The Sims Mobile, on the other hand, seems to
be offering an experience that’s far closer to the depth
experienced in a “real” Sims game.

Players will of course be able to create Sims and their homes,
but this time around the game emphasizes stories you can
create, with Sims that even eventually retire, unlocking
careers and hobbies for future generations of Sims.
Additionally, the new The Sims Mobile features a
robust multiplayer component.

Rocketcat Games’ Death Road to Canada is
a masterpiece of a mobile game
, and it seems the rest of the
world is catching on. The game was briefly featured in Netflix’s
Designated Survivor, season one episode twenty. It’s a fitting
pairing, as in Death Road to Canada you’re a lone
survivor inside of a zombie apocalypse doing everything you can
to make it to Canada.

This isn’t the first time mobile games have been featured in
Netflix series, as was seen in season four
of House of Cards, while
Monument Valley made an
appearance previously on the show. Someone high up at
Netflix must really love mobile gaming for them to keep giving
these subtle nods to incredible iOS titles.

The currently available
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
is the closest
thing you’ll find to a real-deal Zelda game on the App
Store, at least until Nintendo releases its version. The original
Oceanhorn was incredibly popular and well received, and
anticipation surrounding the release of Oceanhorn 2: Knights
of the Lost Realm
couldn’t be higher. The game was shown at
the Nordic Game event in Malmö, Sweden, and we’ll be following
news of this game very closely as it approaches the end of its

As far as games you can actually download and play now are
concerned, this was a great week for releases. The best places to
look when finding new iOS games to download is our hot games listing as well
as our latest
. Most recently, the artistic adventure game
Old Man’s Journey
knocked our socks off. In the game, you
interact with the environment to solve puzzles and help an old
man on his way. The story of the game had a profound effect on

Also, while the mash-up might seem crazy, I promise Arkanoid
vs Space Invaders
totally makes sense once you start
playing it. In a nutshell, you use an Arkanoid-like
paddle to deflect incoming enemy fire from 150 levels of
different Space Invader enemy waves. There are
multiple characters to unlock, boss battles, and a
super-difficult hard mode as well.

On the subject of interesting spins on classic arcade games,
Stick Shooter
takes the basic idea of Missile
and cranks it up to 11 with unbelievably frantic
gameplay. Players balance multiple different weapons to defend
against seemingly endless arrays of different enemies.

Last, but not least, (and a little old compared to these other
three games but still worth mentioning) is
. With a pace that is the complete
opposite of No Stick Shooter, Spaceplan is
one of the most innovative clickers we’ve ever played as it
takes some totally unexpected turns, and features an
amazing story that reminded us a lot of the book/movie The
. A prototype of Spaceplan is playable in your
, but the mobile version of the game is much,
much better.

That’s all from me, so stay tuned for next week’s iOS gaming
roundup here on MacRumors, or for all this and much
(much) more, come on over to TouchArcade!

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