Vevo Debuts Revamped Apple TV App With Curated Playlists and Video Previews

Music video hosting service Vevo today introduced a revamped
Apple TV app
that has been fully redesigned with a simpler interface that’s
easier to navigate and a new focus on personalization and
curation, both of which Vevo hopes will draw in more users.

Vevo’s new design brings videos and playlists front and center,
with the aim of providing an immersive video watching
experience as soon as the app is opened.

A new “peek-inside-playlist” feature lets users browse through
content while listening to playlists, artist stations, or
videos, and as the app is used, it will learn more about each
user, offering up personalized content that can then be further
customized by adding videos to a playlist or favorites section.

Users can choose from a variety of curated artist stations that
match tastes and moods, and there’s programming curated by an
in-house editorial team that’s designed for different times of
the day, big events, and holidays. All playlist content is also
localized by genre and market, and there’s a genres section for
browsing top videos, trending artists, and most recent
playlists in each genre.

“Music videos became a cultural phenomenon through the power
and reach of television over the last thirty years,” said Erik
Huggers, CEO, Vevo. “In recent years, this platform has lacked
the rich and immersive experience that a new generation of
viewers demand from their connected devices. With Vevo for
tvOS, we’ve created an environment that allows the music video
to shine once again on the big screen, with an intuitive user
interface and new levels of personalization and control.”

The new Vevo Apple TV app will be available starting
on Friday, May 19.

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