Woz: Aspects of Steve Jobs’ personality were ‘very Trumpish’

Donald Trump speaks to supporters at an immigration policy speech at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona. Steve Jobs had one or two things in common with
our current President, Steve Wozniak says.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC

Aspects of
Steve Jobs’ personality strike former Apple co-founder Steve
Wozniak as, “very Trumpish,” Woz reportedly told an audience
Tuesday night at Carnegie Music Hall as part of the American
Middle East Institute’s 10th Conference.

Specifically, Woz
seems to have been referring to Jobs cheating Woz out of some
of the money for an
early project the two collaborated on at Atari
, his failure
to listen, and tendency to say nasty things to people.

For those
in any doubt, Wozniak isn’t much of a Donald Trump fan. In
early 2016, he described the then-Presidential candidate as a,
rude person

Woz didn’t
elaborate too much on the comparison between Jobs and the
current President, although it’s unlikely to be one overly well
received by Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook has often found himself
opposed to President Trump during his Presidency.

It’s not clear whether Trump
and Steve Jobs knew each other, but Trump certainly seems to
admire Apple’s late co-founder,
based on his tweets over the years

Wozniak has a history of making attention-grabbing comments
which often go against the Apple company line, such as
suggesting that Apple
build an Android device
or referring to the Apple Watch as
a “luxury
fitness band
.” (He has also often walked these comments
back at a later date.)

On the
subject of Steve Jobs, Woz noted that Danny Boyle and Aaron
Sorkin’s movie

He also said that, “Everything Apple tried without me failed,”
referring to products launched during his time with the
company, which attempted to replace the Apple II. Finally, he
chimed in on the topic of whether robots threaten humans —
saying that “If there is any danger, it’s decades off … I
think, centuries off.”