Apple simplifies Windows 10 installs with support for Windows 10 Creators Update

Apple this week updated macOS Sierra to version 10.12.5 with
more than three dozen security patches, and a change that lets
users install Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 10 on their

Sierra 10.12.5 “adds support for media-free installation of
Windows 10 Creators Update using Boot Camp,” the update’s brief
release notes read. Creators Update was the name Microsoft
assigned to Windows 10 1703, the upgrade issued last

Boot Camp, which is baked into macOS, lets Mac owners run
Windows on their machines. A Windows license is required. Boot
Camp, while not virtualization software like VMware’s Fusion or
Parallels International’s Parallels Desktop, serves the same
purpose: Running Windows applications, including custom or
mission-critical corporate software, on a Mac personal

Previously, Mac users were forced onto a circuitous road to put
Windows 10 Creators Update into Boot Camp. According to a
Microsoft support document published before
the upgrade was released, Mac owners first had to install an
.iso of 2016’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, aka 1607,
to Boot Camp. Once 1607 was in place, they could then upgrade
Windows 10 to 1703 from within Boot Camp.

Monday’s macOS update voids that workaround: Mac owners may
instead directly install a disk image — in .iso format — of Windows 10 1703 into Boot

Sierra 10.12.5 also patched 37
in macOS. Apple also released security
updates for Sierra’s two predecessors, 2015’s macOS El Capitan
and 2014’s macOS Yosemite.

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