Apple’s iTunes is coming to the Windows Store

The Windows Store platform’s heating up now that
Windows 10 S
is here and restricted to Microsoft’s walled
garden. At the Windows 10 S launch event last week, it was
revealed that Spotify is on its way, and during Thursday’s
Build 2017 keynote, Windows chief Terry Myerson announced that
iTunes—yes, Apple’s crown jewel—is coming to the Windows Store.

Details beyond that are scarce; Myerson simply said that iTunes
will include Apple Music and “full support for iPhone,”
whatever that means for a Windows Store app. 

The addition of iTunes and Spotify to the Windows Store will
make Windows 10 S’s restrictions a little bit less onerous, and
I’m looking forward to the new iTunes app even as a fierce
traditional desktop advocate. Why? Because the iTunes desktop
app for Windows PCs has been a burning pile of garbage for as
long as I can remember. Maybe this Windows Store app can
improve the situation for iPhone users and music aficionados.
It certainly can’t make it any worse—though it’s likely to be a
Project Centennial conversion
of the desktop app and thus
just as atrocious.

Beyond the Windows Store implications, it’s interesting to see
Apple refuse to give any ground to Spotify as the two streaming
music services battle for your attention.

Microsoft did not announce a specific launch date for iTunes in
the Windows Store.

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