Nintendo’s beloved Legend of Zelda may be coming to phones

Nintendo is charging ahead with its plans for mobile by
bringing yet another iconic gaming series to smartphones. The
gaming company is reportedly working on a
The Legend of Zelda title for Android
and iOS, according to
The Wall Street Journal
(subscription required).

There’s no word on when the game would roll out. Right now,
The Journal says Nintendo plans to introduce the game
after a mobile version of Animal Crossing debuts in
the “latter half of 2017.” The Zelda title would roll
out after that, but it’s not clear if that means it will appear
in time for the holidays or in 2018.

Pricing is also unknown. It may be similar to
Super Mario Run
, which offers the game as a free
download with a few complimentary levels. Anything more than
that, however, and you’ll have to pay $10. But Nintendo
also recently released
a Fire Emblem game
for phones that relies on more
traditional “freemium” pricing with in-app purchases.

The impact on you at home: In its recent
earnings report, Nintendo said that sales were equal for both
Nintendo Switch
and its marquee launch title, The
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
. That suggests
Zelda fans may be more than willing to plunk down an
upfront cost for a mobile title—assuming it was well designed.
Then again, an adventure game based on acquiring abilities and
special items is just begging to be monetized in the
bits-and-pieces style that’s so prevalent on mobile. We’ll have
to a wait a few more months to see exactly what Nintendo has

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