Report: Apple to release new laptops at WWDC 2017

Faced with pressure from Microsoft and declining iPad sales,
Apple will announce updates to its MacBook laptops at the
company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June,
according to a report by

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Apple will reveal
three new laptops. A new MacBook Pro will sport Intel’s Kaby
Lake processor, an upgrade over the current Skylake-based
models. Bloomberg says that the MacBook will also get a faster
CPU, but doesn’t specify what Intel part will be used. And
perhaps to the surprise of Mac users, Apple may introduce a
13-inch MacBook Air with a faster processor. Bloomberg states
that sales of the MacBook Air remain strong, despite the fact
that Apple
killed the 11-inch MacBook Air
last October.

Bloomberg reports that the new laptops won’t have any design
changes; the updates are speed bumps. But the update is
important to help reinforce the idea that Apple is committed to
the Mac, even if Mac sales make up only 11 percent of the
company’s revenue. In April, Apple met with select members of
the media to
discuss the company’s Mac commitment and a revamp of the Mac

WWDC tends to focus on Apple’s operating systems. Expect to see
major updates to iOS and macOS during the WWDC keynote on June
5. There’s also been speculation that Apple could release a

Siri Speaker
to compete with the Amazon Echo and the Google

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