Sim-ply fantastic: EA says a new Sims Mobile game is on its way to iOS and Android

The venerable Sims franchise might seem like it was tailor-made
for smartphones, but surprisingly a full version of the popular
game has never made it to mobile. While Electronic Arts
released the simplified and in-app purchase-heavy
Sims FreePlay
back in 2011, it seemed like the dream of a
real-deal mobile port of the PC game was all but over.

Fans of the simulation series will be happy to learn that a
mobile version isn’t just in the works, it’s just around the
corner. As its name suggests, The
Sims Mobile
appears to be a touchscreen version of The Sims
4 Legacy Challenge, which was released for Windows and macOS
(then OS X) in 2014.

The short teaser video shows several of the features players
love, including Sim creation, home building, social
interaction, and family planning, as well as heirlooms,
careers, hobbies, and relationships. According to the EA
website, “When your Sims accomplish their career goals and
retire, you’ll be rewarded with Heirlooms that unlock hobbies
and careers for future generations, allowing new Sims to tell
deeper stories.”

Of note, it also teases a multi-player party mode, though EA
hasn’t specified how many of the PC features and neighborhoods
will be available at launch. While the game will be free to
play, it will almost surely follow the in-app purchase model
established by The Sims FreePlay.

This PC version of the Legacy
varies from the full Sims 4 in that users only
have control over a single Sim, and a set of self-imposed rules
limit what you can do. Players start the game with a single
young adult Sim and control their path through building their
home, career, and family.

The game is out in Brazil today, and will be rolling out to
Google Play and the iOS App Store soon. To be notified of the
release, you can
sign up
to receive updates on The Sims website, but bear in
mind you also need to allow EA to send you “news, products,
events, and promotions by email.”

Game on: With the exception of maybe Mario and
Minecraft, few games generate the kind of excitement that The
Sims does. Even in its 16th year, the PC game still has
millions of die-hard fans around the world, and The Sims Mobile
is sure to rival
Super Mario Run
Pokemon Go
for popularity.

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is on its way to iOS and Android” was originally published by

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