Apple buys iCloud domain from Chinese social network

iCloud site Breaking news:
iCloud’s closing. (Not that one!)

In an attempt to crack down on confusion and protect its
intellectual property rights, Apple has acquired the website, previously the home of a small Chinese social

The web
address now displays a message revealing that the site as
it currently exists will be closing at the end of the month,
and that all existing user data will be destroyed.

acquired the name back in 2011, buying it for around
$5.2 million from Swedish software company Xcerion, which had
launched its own “iCloud” cloud-based service in 2007. Xcerion
later transferred a further 170 domains to Apple, including, and

It’s not
clear how much Apple paid for the domain, and it’s
difficult to even estimate without adoption figures for the
site’s social network, which it doesn’t provided.

what it’s worth (no pun intended), the website valuation tool
Worth of
— which bases its figures on public traffic ranking and
Alexa Rank data — pins its net worth at just $8k.

All that’s
left now is seemingly for Apple to buy up, which
is currently owned by the U.K.-based Dennis Publishing.

(As a
somewhat interesting tangent, which I didn’t have to
opportunity to mention in my regular “Today in Apple history”
column because it fell on a weekend, Sunday marked 30 years
since Apple acquired the “” domain name in 1987,
making it one of the first 100 companies to register a .com
address online.)


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