Apple could soon eliminate the iPad mini

Still a fan of the iPad mini? Get one while you can, because a
new rumor claims Apple is planning to eliminate the device from
its iPad lineup in the near future.

The device was
only refreshed (albeit halfheartedly)
two months ago
, but growing demand for Apple’s larger
tablets and disappointing sales mean it won’t be around for

Introduced in 2012, the iPad mini was a welcome addition to the
lineup, offering fans a more portable alternative to Apple’s
popular slate at a cheaper price tag. In a world when the
largest iPhone had a 4-inch screen, it was ideal for reading,
browsing the web, and consuming content on the go.

But with
the iPhone now available with a 5.5-inch display and consumers
realizing they don’t really need a tablet in their lives,
demand for the iPad mini has fallen.

According to a source
for BGRthe
iPad mini has simply been “sized out of its own category” and
it’s “very clear” the device is no longer wanted as far as
sales figures are concerned. The source added there is
currently “fierce cannibalism of our own products” at Apple,
and iPad mini is next on the hit list.

no word on when Apple might discontinue the device, but with a
refreshed model going on sale less than two months ago, it’s
unlikely to happen imminently. Rumor has it Apple will revamp
its iPad lineup later this year — possibly at
WWDC in June
— so it could come then.

thought Apple is planning to introduce a new iPad Pro will
slimmer bezels
that will pack a 10.5-inch display
into a footprint smaller
than that of the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

certainly clear that the iPad mini isn’t a priority for Apple
anymore. It’s most recent refresh brought nothing more than a
storage bump, and with its price tag still sitting at $399 — a
full $70 more than the
new, entry-level 9.7-inch iPad
— the device is a total

Still, it will be sad to see the iPad mini go. I still have two
that have been passed down to the little ones, and I still
think it’s a great form factor for consuming content on the go.

It’s also worth noting that the iPad mini was the first big
Apple release under Tim Cook. The Retina MacBook Pro and a
redesigned iMac came before it, but the iPad mini was the first
that really got fans excited for a new Apple product.

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