Apple trashes printers in new iPad Pro ad

No printer, no problem. No
printer, no problem.
Photo: Apple

Apple wants you to replace your printer with an iPad Pro.

In the company’s latest ad touting the iPad Pro as the perfect
laptop replacement, Apple takes aim at the hassles of having to
use a printer.

Created in the same vein as Apple’s last
batch of iPad Pro commercials
, the new ad features a real
tweet complaining about having to print personal stuff at work.
Apple’s solution is simple: get an iPad.

No More Printing

Real problems… answered. You wouldn’t have to print anymore,
if your computer was an iPad Pro.

During Apple’s annual shareholders meeting today, Tim Cook
reiterated the company’s belief that the iPad is great
replacement for laptops. However, Cook did say that he doesn’t
think the iPad will ever merge with the Mac because the Mac
does so much more.

Apple is expected to reveal new iPads at an event in March. New
products could include a 10-inch iPad with slimmer bezels, as
well as a new iPad mini and updated 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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