Apple’s patented pizza box gets a hands-on review

A thin crust pizza from Caffé Mac. A thin crust pizza from Caffé Mac.
Photo: The Outline

Apple’s patented pizza box set the tech press on fire earlier
this week when
Wired took a behind-the-scenes look
at the nearly finished
Apple Park campus.

Even though the story packed tons of interesting details about
the campus — like how it
originally looked like a penis
until Steve Jobs’ son
intervened — the custom-designed Apple pizza box stole
everyone’s attention. The box has actually been on Apple campus
for a long time, but was never seen by the public until

The folks at
The Outline
managed to get an Apple pizza box shipped to
them straight from a source at one of Apple’s office buildings
in California.

Watch the hands-on review:

Apple patented the pizza container back in 2010. Unlike
traditional pizza boxes, Apple’s is circular and doesn’t have
to be assembled before use. Eight ventilation holes are located
on top to let steam out while still retaining most of the heat.

Mac Caffé inside Apple HQ serves personal thin crust pizzas.
The boxes are approximately 14 inches in diameter and can be
stacked on top of each other so one employee can do a pizza run
for the whole team.

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