Become a spreadsheet ninja with 15 hours of training [Deals]

Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Bundle Certify your Excel mastery with this 15 hour pair
of comprehensive courses.
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In the modern office, Excel spreadsheets are a part of daily
life. Whether tracking invoices and expenses, organizing
projects, doing advanced math or just keeping track of phone
numbers, these days a mastery of Excel is one of the most
portable and useful skills you can have. But let’s face it, for
all the benefits of doing so, learning Excel isn’t something
most of us have made time for. But with this pair of lessons in
Microsoft’s mighty spreadsheet software, you can up your skills
and get certified to prove it whether you’re just a beginner or
already a pro. And right now, you can
get the whole shebang for just $15 at Cult of Mac

The first course
of the bundle is aimed at beginners. Clocking in at 15 hours,
you’ll learn the fundamentals of working with cells, functions
and formulas. You can set the pace as you get comfortable with
everything from basic terminology to graphics and charts,
covered over 55 in-depth tutorials. From there you’ll cover the
more advanced side of Excel. 33 tutorials teach how to manage
workbooks, track changes, troubleshoot, and reduce workload by
automating tasks. Learn to calculate investments, create custom
formats and layouts, and lots more. By course’s end, you’ll be
ready to tackle the Microsoft Office Specialist exams.

Buy now:
Access the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification
Bundle for $15
, that’s a massive 99 percent off the usual

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