Free Adobe Scan app will be your paper pusher

Adobe Scan can handle piles of paper. Adobe
Scan can handle piles of paper.
Photo: Adobe

Your iPhone is loaded with plenty of mind-numbing games or
picturing editing apps that let you superimpose unicorn horns
on your selfies.

need to make room for a few unsung task managers. Adobe today
launched one to help us sort through one of life’s least
pleasant realities – paperwork.

uses your iPhone or iPad camera and Optical Character
Recognition to convert images of documents into digital text
within seconds, storing the files as PDFs to Adobe Document

Scan receipts, documents, lecture
notes or grab an image for an insurance file. Even if you are
not sure you will need the information down the road, there’s
nothing lost in having the app make a quick record just in

While there
are a number of scanning apps that use OCR, most require a
subscription free or limit the number of documents you can
capture and store.
Adobe Scan is free on iTunes

It’s also
hassle-free, automatically finding the edges, auto-cleaning the
final file and making the text clear. The app prompts the user
to save each scan as a PDF that can be edited, searched, marked
up, commented on and shared in Acrobat.

are the lifeblood of society, communicating information that
spans contracts, textbooks, financial statements and everything
in between,” Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis said in a written
statement. “The challenge is unlocking the intelligence that
lives in those documents, and extracting meaning that can be
searched, analyzed and incorporated into digital

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