Gmail for Android and iOS is getting Smart Reply

Smart Reply in Google Inbox. Smart Reply in
Google Inbox.
Photo: Google

The official Gmail app for Android and iOS is getting Google’s
impressive Smart Reply feature.

By taking
advantage of machine learning, Smart Reply can help you power
through outstanding emails in your inbox by suggesting suitable
replies that are friendly and conversational.

Smart Reply first made its debut in Inbox, Google’s fancier
mail client, back in 2015 before making its way to Android Wear
and the company’s Allo instant messaging app. Now it’s ready
for all 1 billion Gmail users around the world.

When you
start composing a reply to an email, Smart Reply will
automatically suggest three responses based on the content of
the message. It does this by analyzing the text, cleverly
converting it into numerical code that its AI understands, then
generating suitable replies.

Using code makes Smart Reply insanely
fast and more powerful. What’s more, the feature learns more
about you and the way in which you use email over time to
generate even better responses tailored to you.

if you’re more of a ‘thanks!’ than a ‘thanks.’ person, we’ll
suggest the response that’s, well, more you!” Google explains.

Smart Reply
will be available in English first, Spanish “in the coming
weeks,” and more languages later on. And before you blast
Google in the comments, the company says humans will never
see the content of your messages, so there’s no need to worry
about being spied on.

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