How Bluetooth mic on AirPods is useful for iPhone videos

Earphones With the wire gone, a
Bluetooth mic in its place may provide value on video shoots.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Photographer, videographer and online instructor Cielo de la
Paz uses the iPhone and other Apple products for a lot of her
work. She never envisioned she’d find value in the new Apple

But she recently
discovered how the AirPods’ Bluetooth microphone, combined with
the iOS app MoviePro, solves a big problem when she shoots some
of her tutorials.

de la Paz,
who has had photos and video in a couple of the
“Shot on iPhone”
marketing campaigns, likes to record her
tutorials for Skillshare on an
iPhone 7 Plus and sometimes uses it on a
DJI Osmo three-axis gimbal
to keep her camera steady as she
moves in the field.

The problem comes with recording the
audio. She would normally attach an external microphone to her
iPhone but the gimbal makes no room to accommodate anything
attached to the phone.

de la Paz bought the AirPods, which reviewers have praised for
the microphone’s ability to filter out surrounding noise as it
focuses on the wearer’s voice.
allows the videographer to record with a Bluetooth
mic and, as de la Paz demonstrates in the video below, the
microphone provided consistent audio as moved around her
recording iPhone.

As for the
quality of the audio, de la
leaves it up to the viewers to be the judge but for
online purposes, she says it is serviceable.

“It’s not
the best, but it is totally acceptable,” she said. “I don’t
love the AirPods but it solves this problem.”

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