How to activate Photos’ hidden 3D Flyover view

The iOS Photos app might just look like a simple grid-like
list, but it has a ton of hidden power. For instance,  you
can see your photos on a full-screen, 3-D Flyover map. And with
one simple swipe on a photograph, you can see where it was
taken, see other photos taken nearby, and collections photos
that your iPhone figures are related to the one you’re looking
at. It’s a fantastic way both to find out more about your
pictures, and to browse. After all, why limit yourself to
flipping through pictures, one by one, in the order you shot
them, like some film-camera using hipster luddite, when you can
see your photos on a map in Apple’s glorious 3-D Flyover view?

See all the details about a photo

Here we have a picture I took of a bar that has the same name
as my boss. But where was it? To find out, I can tap
Details, or just swipe up,
bringing in a map from below. Now we’re in the nerve center.
You see a map with the photo placed on it, which you can tap to
expand to full screen. On this map you can see all nearby
photos, thanks to the location data that your iPhone saves in
every picture you snap.

photos metadata viewSee
everything about your photo with a simple swipe up.
Photo: Cult of Mac

This screen
will also detect the people in the photo, and show you a
thumbnail for each of them. Tap the thumbnail to see all the
photos you have of that person. You’ll also see a
Related section, which is full of moments that Photos
thinks you may want to see next. It pulls data from all over
your iCloud to come up with these. For instance, it knows that
you were at a friend’s home one day, because that friend is in
your address book. It also knows about birthdays, events like
Christmas, and so on. The suggestions are uncanny sometimes,
and if you’re old enough to remember getting lost for hours in
the family photo albums, you’ll recognize that feeling here.

Use Flyover to virtually ‘tour’ your own photos

Even without the satellite layer turned on, you get a great 3D view of many cities.Even without the satellite layer turned
on, you get a great 3D view of many cities.
Photo: Cult of Mac

But perhaps the neatest feature is
Flyover, Apple’s map tech for virtual city tours. Flyover
offers one of the best ways to view holiday snaps: thumbnails
of your images dotted over
Apple’s 3-D Flyover
view. To access it, enter the map view
for any photo, tap Show Nearby Photos, then
tap the little i symbol at bottom right. Here
you can change to Satellite view, and activate
the 3-D Map.

This might be the best way to view travel photos since the novelty photo-printed coffee mug.This might be the best way to view
travel photos since the novelty photo-printed coffee mug.
Photo: Cult of Mac

This tip
works not just on your iPad and iPhone, but also in Photos for
the Mac, so you can view your pictures on the big screen. And
remember, you can also beam this view to Apple TV, which makes
for pretty much the least-boring vacation slideshow ever.

All thse tricks also work on the Mac.All these tricks also work on the Mac.
Photo: Cult of Mac

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