How to use Instagram Face Filters, and post them to your public feed

instagram-face-filters The new Instagram Face
Filters are pretty rad. Here’s how to use them.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Instagram just
added Face Filters
, letting you add things like spectacles,
bunny ears, and princess’ tiaras to your video selfies. Right
now, you can only share these clips to your Instagram Stories,
or send them directly to other users. But there’s a workaround
that lets you post them like regular Instagram videos, putting
them in your feed for all your followers to “enjoy.” Let’s find
out how.

Adding Instagram Face Filters to your videos and selfies

  1. Swipe right, or hit the camera icon at top
    left. This takes you to the video screen.
  2. Tap the Face Filter icon, the
    nonplussed-looking face with the sparkles floating above it.

Instagram's Face Filters are uncannily accurate with their tracking.Instagram’s Face Filters are uncannily
accurate with their tracking.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Now you can apply the filters to your live video selfie (or, by
tapping the circular-arrows icon, to anything
seen through the rear camera). The “hilarious” overlays use
face-detection to follow your movements and map the effects.
Along the way, the app may give you creepy instructions like
“Open your mouth.” To snap a photo, strike your pose and hit
the shutter button. To record a video, just hold that same
button down a little longer.

That’s it,
if all you want to do is send the result to a friend, or save
it in your Story. But what if you want to publish the clip to
your public feed?

Post Face Filter clips to your Instagram feed

To do this, proceed as before, only
make sure your video clip is at least three seconds long. Then
tap Save in the bottom left corner, and then
hit the big X at top left to cancel. When
asked to confirm this, choose Discard, and
then swipe left, back to the main screen.

Posting a Face Filters video is just like posting any other saved video.Posting a Face Filters video is just
like posting any other saved video.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac
there, tap the + icon at the bottom center,
and choose the clip you just saved. Tap Next,
add a filter if you like, and tap Next again.
Add a caption, and then post. Your clip will be added to your
feed, just like any other.

I do wonder
if Instagram might let you post direct to your feed in future,
but until then, you have this easy workaround. And if nothing
else, the extra steps might make you think twice about posting
yet another picture of you in a tiara to your feed.

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