Iron out the weak spots in your Wi-Fi signal [Deals]

NetSpot Home- Lifetime License Optimize your
home or office Wi-Fi connection with this powerful analysis
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We all know the parts of our home or office where the Wi-Fi
works best (and worst). In this wireless age of ours, there’s
no reason to take a step and suddenly be cut off from the
internet. With NetSpot Home, you can scan, visualize, optimize,
and troubleshoot your wireless networks with any Mac. It’s a
super useful tool for anyone who relies on their wireless
internet connection to do work or stay entertained. And right
now, you can
get a lifetime license to NetSpot Home for just $19 at Cult of
Mac Deals

NetSpot Home’s mapping feature makes it possible view Wi-Fi
dead zones and optimize hotspot placement using a visual “heat
map”. A troubleshooting tool helps identify and correct
connectivity issues, which is just as useful for improving
existing networks or setting up new ones. It’ll work outside of
the home or office too, basically anywhere you encounter Wi-Fi.
Even if you can’t fix it, you can know where to move for the
strongest connection. There are much more advanced features
too, like flexible grouping of access points based on SSID,
channel, vendor, or security settings. You can create full
connectivity reports, run Internet download and upload speed
tests, and plenty more.

Buy now:
Get a a lifetime license to NetSpot Home for $19
, that’s a
whopping 72 percent off the usual price.

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