Laptop and tablet ban on flights from Europe won’t happen after all

Emirates is one of the airlines affected by the ban. Emirates is one of the airlines
affected by the ban.
Photo: Emirates

The Trump administration won’t be expanding its ban on the use
of laptops, tablets and other large electronic devices to
flights entering the United States from European airports,
after all.

U.S. and EU
officials reportedly decided against a ban on laptops and
tablets in cabin baggage on flights from Europe, although
“other measures” designed to keep passengers safe are still
being weighed up.

of a possible ban was part of a four-hour meeting in
Brussels, focused on possible threats to aviation security.

The ban on cabin baggage
is already
in place
for travelers flying from 10 Middle Eastern
countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar,
Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The notion
that it might extend to European flights as well was
touted earlier this year

original decision to implement such a ban grew out of concerns
that terrorists may be looking to attack airliners and
transportation hubs. The original tablet and laptop ban
was reportedly put in place after a (thankfully foiled) plot to

smuggle a bomb disguised as an iPad
onto a plane.

As a
response to the ban, some airlines decided to launch
new electronics loaner programs
for passengers, giving them
the option to rent an iPad while their own device is safely
stored inside checked baggage.

it seems that such measures won’t have to be employed on
flights from airports in Europe, meaning that myself and the
other Europe-based Cult of Mac contingent will still be
able to

watch movies and play
 work on flights to the States.

Via: BBC

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