Location-based stories are coming soon to Instagram

Here's what Instagram location stories look like. Here’s what Instagram location stories look
Photo: Josh Constantine/TechCrunch

Instagram’s streak of sniping features from Snapchat isn’t
about to stop with today’s new
addition of Face Filters

stories are set to be the next big feature Instagram adds to
its toolset, only instead of just copying the way Snapchat
curates stories, Instagram plans to tap into one of its ‘hidden
gems’ to make stories a powerful tool for all users.

During an
appearance at
TechCrunch’s Disrupt NYC
conference this morning, Instagram
VP of Product Kevin Weil confirmed that the feature is already
in the testing phase. The location-based stories are kind of
like Snapchat’s Stories Search feature, except it doesn’t rely
on metadata, machine vision object recognition and the
free-form text to identify and aggregate content.

Instagram’s location stories are
powered by the location stickers users add, making it easier to
find a story and add to it. Once the feature rolls out publicly
it will allow users to visit businesses, restaurants, landmarks
and other places to see what’s been happening there over the
last 24 hours.

a location’s story, shows users a slideshow of pictures and
videos posted by other Grammers at the location, even if you
don’t follow the other accounts. The feature could be a solid
money-maker for Instagram if it allows brands to advertise in
the stories or let businesses influence what is shown on the

The ability
to add hashtags to stories was also added to Instagram today
which could lead to Hashtag Stories in the near future as well.
Watch Kevin Weil discuss the significance of the new feature in
the video below:

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