Microsoft is stealing the iOS Control Center for Windows 10

As part of some big improvements coming to Windows 10,
Microsoft is stealing the iOS Control Center to give users a
quick and easy way of changing display brightness and toggling
settings from the desktop.

Unlike Apple’s
Control Center, however, Microsoft’s will be

Introduced with iOS 7, the Control Center provides instant
access to useful functions from the Home screen. You can use it
to active the LED flashlight, toggle features like Do Not
Disturb and Night Shift, and to control display brightness and
media playback.

Apple is
yet to bring Control Center to the desktop in macOS — though
you can get similar functionality from third-party applications
— but Microsoft will.

In a screenshot published on its
Windows Blog, Microsoft previewed the new Control Center that
can be accessed by clicking the “settings cog” in the system
tray. It contains many of the toggles already found in Windows
10’s Action Center today, plus some additional features.

screenshot was later removed by Microsoft, but not
before Windows
was able to grab a copy of it. The site
was also able to obtain some more information about the
upcoming feature.

“In the
screenshot above, you can see that Control Center basically
does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing the user to
control system actions,” it explains.

Control Center is entirely customizable, allowing the user to
change what shows up there, with additional options that allow
you to reorganize some of the settings to your

It’s thought Microsoft’s intention is to remove Quick Actions
from the Notification Center so that it serves purely as a
Notification Center. Some of the default functions of Control
Center will be the ability to change display brightness, toggle
Wi-Fi, and activate battery saver mode.

Control Center will also provide useful shortcuts to other
settings menus for things like networking, as well as the
overall Control Panel.

It is believed these changes will come with Windows 10’s Fall
Creators Update, but of course, they are not finalized yet.
Just like anything Microsoft rolls out to testers, there’s a
chance it will change significantly or be scrapped entirely
before the update goes public.

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