New MacBook Pros as WWDC? Don’t miss this week’s CultCast!

Are you ready for Apple to make Macs Are you ready for Apple to make
Macs “pro” again?
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This week, on
The CultCast
: new MacBook Pros at WWDC? Insiders say yes!
We’ll tell you all we know. Plus: why future Macs might get
much faster CPUs; Apple makes a big move to bring manufacturing
back to the US; and we’ll wrap up with 5 weird and whacky facts
about the new Apple Park campus.

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CultCast #284 –
New MacBook Pros at WWDC!
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This week’s links

Apple may
reveal three new MacBooks at WWDC

  • Apple hasn’t released new hardware at a WWDC keynote since
    2013, but the company is allegedly planning to unveil a new
    lineup of MacBooks, according to a report that claims the new
    machines will pack Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor to bring
    more speed than ever.
  • Three new laptops will debut at WWDC 2017, claims
    Bloomberg, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Both the
    MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook will be updated with new Intel
  • Apple is also supposedly considering updating the 13-inch
    MacBook Air with a new processor, too, which would be quite a
    surprise as most observers assumed the machine was on its last
    legs now that the MacBook and MacBook Pro are thinner. Sales of
    the old MacBook Air remain “surprisingly strong” due to its
    cheap price tag, claims one of the report’s sources.
  • What features needed to make the machine exciting again
  • Shows Apple may be getting about making Mac great again.

Intel: Cannonlake CPUs will be more than 15 percent faster than
Kaby Lake

  • Meager performance gains aren’t all Apple’s fault
  • Chipmakers in past years focused on increasing performance
    by raising the clock frequency. But that made chips power
    hungry, and their focus shifted to adding cores, which boosted
    performance but also added battery life to laptops. Then the
    focus turned to integrating technologies like graphics and I/O
    buses inside processors. Gaming and virtual reality have
    brought a focus back to raw CPU performance.
  • The performance improvements from Skylake to Kaby Lake
    topped out at 15 percent. The CPU performance boost for
    Cannonlake should be at least that, Intel said.
  • The gaming market is exploding, especially eSports, and
    demand for high-performance Core i7 chips skyrocketed last
  • Intel may be trying to catch up with AMD, which is boasting
    a 40 percent performance improvement for its upcoming Ryzen

Apple’s standalone Siri could look a lot like Echo

  • Apple’s Amazon Echo rival standalone Siri speaker will come
    with a touch-sensitive display, claims KGI Securities analyst
    Ming-Chi Kuo.
  • In a note to clients over the weekend, Kuo suggested that
    the Siri home speaker will have a “touch panel,” although it’s
    not known whether this will be a full-on screen or a simpler
    touch-based interface of some sort.

Apple gives $200 million to iPhone glassmaker to promote U.S.

  • You may have heard that Tim Cook recently announced a $1
    billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund in an interview with Mad
    Money’s Jim Cramer at Apple Campus, he said the goal was to
    push “people to do advanced manufacturing in the United
  • Rather than pulling from its enormous pile of overseas
    cash, Apple is borrowing the money for its $1 billion fund
    since that is cheaper than paying to repatriate its foreign
    money pile.
  • Apple has awarded Corning the first grant of its $1 billion
    investment aimed at boosting high-tech manufacturing jobs in
    the United States. The glassmaker will receive $200 million.
  • Apple’s contribution is part of its “Advanced Manufacturing
    Fund” will support Corning’s R&D, capital equipment needs,
    and state-of-the-art glass processing.

Apple Park originally looked like a penis and 5 other wild

How Apple Park campus almost looked like a giant dong

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