Quick Tip: 3-D Touch Control Center icons for some surprising shortcuts

It pays to experiment with 3-D Touch, the feature that lets you
press harder on your iPhone’s screen to get extra functions.
But while we may be used to force-touching app icons, there are
all kinds of other spots where it works. For instance, you
press on the row of icons at the bottom of the Control Center
to access some fantastic shortcuts.

3-D Touch Flashlight for brightness controls

Save battery, or go easy on your eyes, with flashlight brightness controls.Save battery, or go easy on your eyes,
with flashlight brightness controls.
Photo: Cult of Mac

3-D touching the flashlight icon brings up a
menu offering medium, and low-light options in addition to the
default bright light. Great for reading in the dark. If you
still read paper that is.

3-D Touch Timer for preset times

Unfortunately you can't edit these preset timers, but the defaults are pretty useful.Unfortunately you can’t edit these
preset timers, but the defaults are pretty useful.
Photo: Cult of Mac

the Timer and you can quickly start one of the
preset timers: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, and one hour.
Tap one and the Timer app opens, with the timer already
counting down. This is a great trick. If only you could edit
those times. Tea, for example, takes exactly four minutes to
steep, not five.

3-D Touch Calculator for
to copy the latest result

This one seems like an afterthought.This one seems like an afterthought.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Just press the
Calculator icon and you the last result is
copied to the clipboard. I guess this one’s handy, but you can
do the same thing by force-touching the actual app icon, or by
a good old-fashioned long-press on the result panel inside the
Calculator app. Or by, you know, remembering a number.

3-D Touch Camera for a ton of neat options

Almost everything is covered here.Almost everything is covered here.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Camera app might have the best line up of 3-D Touch options.
You can choose to Take Photo, Record Slo-Mo, Record Video, and
Take Selfie. All of those are handy, although the first — Take
Photo — seems redundant, as a regular tap on the icon will do
the same, in less time.

Bonus tip: 3-D Touch in Spotlight

You see Control Center every day, but did you know it can do this?You see Control Center every day, but
did you know it can do this?
Photo: Cult of Mac

I love this
one, and use it all the time. Access Spotlight by pulling down
on the home screen. You can 3-D Touch any of those icons to
quickly access app features, as usual, but because Spotlight
offers you a selection of apps that it thinks you want to use
next, the combination is very powerful. For instance, at
breakfast time I listen to the radio with the TuneIn Radio app,
and Spotlight/Siri knows this, and puts the icon in the
Spotlight screen most mornings. I just swipe down, then 3-D
Touch the icon to pick the station I want.

Like I
said, it pays to experiment. Next time you’re bored, try
force-pressing things on your iPhone instead of reading
Facebook or Twitter. Who knows what you’ll find?

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