Rip your DVD library faster and easier with MacX DVD Ripper Pro

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MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

If you’ve got stacks of movies and other discs that you want to
watch on your iPhone, you need DVD rip software that makes the
conversion process easy and fast. No matter what kind of DVDs
you’ve got stashed in your closet, the latest version of

MacX DVD Ripper Pro
will get the job done — and you can try
it for free.

With drive space getting cheaper, and everyone watching more
and more videos on phones and tablets, plenty of people wonder
how to rip DVD to Mac.

If you’re on the hunt for the fastest DVD ripper available,
your search might be over. MacX DVD Ripper Pro version 5.5.0,
the latest and most comprehensive update yet, boasts a range of
features that make it quick and easy to back up and relocate
your digital video library.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro: More capable than ever

One of the most notable features of the latest version of

MacX DVD Ripper Pro
is the range of discs it can convert.
Whether from a friend, a foreign country or some guy with a
booth outside your grocery store, DVDs in different formats can
create some serious compatibility issues. This advanced
software can read and write the contents of any DVD, no matter
if it’s a rare Japanese disc, a 99-title family video album or
a workout series stored on scratched-up discs. Unlike many
other DVD converters, it also works with non-Universal Disk
Format discs.

It’s also able to rip DVDs to a wide range of video/audio
formats for playback on all kinds of devices. DVD to MP4 is
just the beginning: MacX DVD
Ripper Pro
converts DVDs to popular formats like H.264,
MOV, M4V, AVI, MPEG, FLV and MP3. You’ll be able to play the
contents of your DVDs on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac, as
well as non-Apple devices like Android phones, Kindle tablets
and PlayStation Portable.

Searching for the fastest DVD ripper for Mac?

MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes quick work of converting DVDs.MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes quick work
of converting DVDs.
Image: Digiarty Software

Beyond the enhanced compatibility, the new version of MacX DVD
Ripper Pro brings
much faster conversion speeds
. Using Apple’s Videotoolbox
framework, the makers of MacX DVD Ripper Pro boosted
transcoding speeds by up to five times, as much as 320 frames
per second. That means a complete conversion of the average DVD
into an MP4 format in about five minutes.

That’s a significant time savings when compared with the 20
minutes or so an alternative like HandBrake will
take. When you’re facing a stack of discs to convert, even a
small bump in speed adds up fast.

Another boon for the latest version of this DVD copy software
is the range of output formats available. Depending on the
device you intend to watch on, if you plan to edit the content
for your own projects, if you’re trying to print to a new DVD
or just create a faithful ISO backup, format flexibility is
key. Add to that the ability to sidestep pretty much any copy
protection, and this app looks like a great option for anybody
looking to relocate or back up their DVD library.

Try the ‘best DVD ripper for Mac’

Digiarty calls the new version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the
best DVD
ripper for Mac
,” and the company puts its money where its
mouth is. You can try the software for free and see for
yourself if it’s truly the fastest and best DVD copy
software for Mac.

Get your free
download of MacX DVD Ripper Pro here
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