‘Spaceship’ campus showcases Apple’s obsessive levels of perfectionism

Apple's building a new office in San Jose.Seriously, were you expecting anything
Photo: Apple

The inside of Apple’s forthcoming “spaceship” campus —
now entering the final stages of construction

demonstrates typically Apple level of design perfectionism,
according to a new report.

Apple’s demands
for the project reportedly include rules that no vents or
pipework be reflected in the massive glass windows which run
around the campus. There are also copious details on the
special wood used throughout the building, nitpicks about
minimalist signage, and much, much more.

Around the
time that Apple started construction, I wrote an editorial for
Cult of Mac, in which I suggested that Apple’s
attention to detail made this less a regular office and more
the biggest
Apple product in history

It seems
this assumption was correct, as according to architect German
de la Torre, who worked on the project, Apple has been
insistent that the design language for its products is
reflected in the design of the HQ. For instance, the curve of
the rounded corners borrows proportions from Apple’s devices,
while the elevator buttons look like the (soon to disappear?)
Home button of the iPhone.

Apple’s in-house construction team apparently insisted on
perfectly flat doorways so that that engineers don’t have to
adjust their gait while entering a building, since this could
distract them from their work.

The HQ also
adopts signage which matches its “sleek, minimalist aesthetic”
— something the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s retired
deputy fire chief reportedly had to attend an estimated 15
meetings regarding. “I’ve never spent so much time on
signage,” he said.

According to Reuters

, the total
cost of the facility is likely to come in at around $5 billion,
with $1 billion+ being allocated for the interior of the main
building alone.

And here we were expecting Apple to go for a run-of-the-mill
office filled with drab white cubicles!

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