Week’s best Apple deals: Save big on refurbished iPhones

Get the best prices we've ever seen on refurbished iPhones. Get the best prices we’ve ever seen
on refurbished iPhones.
Photos: Apple, Coffee Stain Studios

We’ve got refurbs, more refurbs … and goats. Check out
discounts on refurbished iPhones, peripherals and more in this
week’s roundup of best Apple deals.

Refurb unlocked iPhone 6 128GB Phone for $250

We saw an iPhone 6 16 GB for $200 just last week. If
you’re kicking yourself for grabbing that deal instead of this

refurbished, unlocked iPhone 6 128GB
, getting eight times
the storage for just $50 more … don’t worry, this was a tough
one to predict! This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for a
128GB iPhone 6, and the best current deal for a refurb by $67.

Refurb unlocked iPhone 5s 16GB GSM for $100

If you
don’t need so much storage, check out this
refurbished, unlocked iPhone 5s 16GB GSM smartphone
. That’s
the lowest total price we’ve seen for an unlocked iPhone 5s
16GB, and it’s the best deal for a refurb now by $20.

Refurb Apple
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for $30

Deck out
your iMac (or give yourself some more typing real estate while
working on your MacBook) with this
refurbished Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
. This is the
lowest total price we could find now by $6. It features an
intelligent power-management system to conserve battery life,
aluminum casing and a 30-foot range. It requires two AA

Goat Simulator for iPhone and iPad for free

forget about being productive — just be a havoc-wreaking goat!
The cult favorite
Goat Simulator
game normally costs $5, but is
currently available for free for iOS.


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