How to make sure you remove photos from iCloud Photo Library


iCloud Photo Library can be very handy for accessing your
photos. But it’s another service you need to tend to if you
decide to sell or give an iOS device to someone else.

Macworld reader Felipe has found this our. He bought an iPhone
from a friend, who left himself logged in before handing the
phone over.

iCloud Photo Library was on and I have synced some personal
photos that I want to delete from his iCloud. I turned off
iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream. Did that delete all
the photos that were in the iPhone from his iCloud account?

What Felipe did left his new photos in his friend’s library in
place. Turning off iCloud Photo Library from one device, so
long as it remains turned on with any other, keeps all photos
in place at iCloud. You have an option to delete them or retain
on the device you’re using.

The way to remove photos from iCloud Photo Library is to delete
them and then confirm when you’re told that the image will be
deleted from all synced devices.

It’s a terrible idea to sell (or buy) a phone that hasn’t been
wiped through Settings > General > Reset > Erase All
Contents and Settings. Any apps purchased or downloaded from
the App Store that remain on the phone are registered to the
previous owner, which means that even if this was an effort to
get some apps for free, you’re going to be notified about them
on a regular basis and asked for the previous owner’s login.
And you can wind up with media and settings detritus—as well as
accidentally upload your personal photos to someone
else’s iCloud Photo Library.

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