Get last year’s 9.7-inch iPad from Best Buy for just $250 for today only

Apple turned a lot of heads yesterday when it announced an
affordable 9.7-inch iPad aimed at students that manages to make
even the iPad Pro seem less impressive. Fortunately for
consumers, it also means it’s a fantastic time for deals on the
old models. One of the best comes from Best Buy, which is
knocking $80 off the price of last year’s 9.7-inch 32GB iPad with
, which means you can pick it up today for just $250.
The deal ends at the end of the day.

These deals often limit you to a single color, but fortunately
you can get the tablet for this pricing in either the silver, gold, or, space gray

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a lot more
space, Best Buy is also selling last year’s 128GB 9.7-inch iPad with
Wi-Fi for $80 off
, bringing the price down to $350, down
from $430. It, too, is available in space gray,
silver, or gold.

And just to emphasize one more time: The low price is only good
for today, March 28. Come back tomorrow, and the price will
likely be higher (and at which point you’d probably be wise to
pick up the iPad Apple announced yesterday). Best Buy is also
only offering the deal “while supplies last,” so there’s also a
chance it’ll be gone before the day is out.

Even though the newer model outshines it in specs, the 2017
9.7-inch iPad is still an impressive piece of hardware. When

we reviewed it
last year, we said it was “a better choice
than the iPad Pro for a lot of users.”

It all depends on what you want out of it.

“This iPad is great for families, schools, businesses looking
for a point-of-sale system, and just anyone who wants a
workhorse of an iPad without the bells and whistles of the more
expensive iPad Pro,” we said at the time. “It’s everything
great about the iPad at a lower cost to entry than ever [at the
time], and if your kids are as nuts about the iPad as mine is,
this is the one to get them.”

[Today’s deal: 32GB iPad
(5th generation) with WiFi for $250
or 128GB for $350.]

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