Are pigs flying? Because Apple is reportedly updating the Mac mini this fall

It’s time to get excited, Mac fans. As reported by 9to5Mac, oft-accurate
Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities is back with
another report on Apple’s ambitions for 2018. In addition to
the new iPhones,

Apple Watches
we all know are coming, Kuo says, Apple is
reportedly planning to update one of the most beloved and
forgotten members of the Mac lineup:
the Mac mini

The last time we got a new Mac mini way back in October 2014,
Apple delivered a new chip, lower price, and less user
upgradability, but it was arguably more of an obligatory
refresh than a gotta-have-it upgrade. And since then, the Mac
mini hasn’t gotten an ounce of love from Apple. That’s nearly
four years and 1,364 days for those keeping count.

But all that could change in this year. While Kuo doesn’t offer
any specifics about the predicted Mac mini refresh, the mere
fact that it was mentioned in his report is cause for
celebration. Other than a random email Tim Cook sent to an Apple fan
late last year declaring his love for the Mac mini and calling
it “an important part of our product line going forward,” there
hasn’t been any news or rumors about it for as long as we can

In addition with the tiny tower, Kuo also expects Apple to
unveil a new low-priced notebook that may or may not be an
updated MacBook Air, as well as an iMac with “significant
display-performance upgrades.” Considering
the iMac
already packs retina 4K and 5K displays, there
doesn’t seem to be too much more Apple could add to
significantly enhance it, other than Dolby Vision and HDR
(which would be awesome). So does that mean we’ll be getting an
OLED iMac in the future? Time will tell.

The rest of Apple’s Mac updates appear to be standard
refreshes, with the MacBook and MacBook Pro reportedly due for
new processors before the year is up.

Why this matters: The Mac mini was once the
coolest member of Apple’s lineup, but that was before it was
treated like a second-class citizen. The last Mac mini update
was so far back that Apple Watch wasn’t even shipping yet,
so rumors of an update count as the biggest news we’ve gotten
since the iPhone 6. We just hope that it’s more than just a
processor refresh this time around.

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